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   Jun 16

Notes from plotholders meeting 4th June

Present:  Jamie Milton, Jane Ghosh, Pabitra Ghosh, John Thorne, Karen Thorne, Dick Maton, Janis Szikora, Viv Bryant, Steve Riley, Barry O’Rourke, Francis Burgess, Mike Davies, Lynne Bevan, Colin Tucker, Pam Tucker, Ian Player, Fiona Jeffrey, Brian Farley, Katie Hooper, Tony Thorn, June Thorn
The purpose of the meeting was to discuss whether we still wanted the Association to continue, various issues around the site, including the new meeting house, damage and theft.
Gates:   Everyone to make sure the gates are kept shut as they cannot be seen from all plots, and things have been going missing from huts and plots.  Small gate is permanently locked as lock not working. Jamie sure he hasn’t got the key any more. Janet may be getting a new key and lock.  Code should be changed soon  One of the gates has been damaged but Steve may be able to weld it
Association  There was a discussion over whether to ‘resurrect’ the Association, now that Jane (Secretary ) and Brian (treasurer) had decided to resign  Unanimously (or at least no-one spoke against!) decided that an Association was unnecessary since it had been formed primarily to fight Metrobus scheme, and social activities had been badly supported in the past  The meeting thanked outgoing committee and decided that if meetings were needed they would be on an ad hoc basis (i.e. whenever necessary) and people with issues to discuss could contact Jamie (0759390016)  It was felt that either EVERYONE would have to join an Association or no one and it is clear that many people were not interested  Brian still holds money left from the Association…..this could be spent on fruit trees OR on nature cameras to monitor the gates. These have a year long battery and can be put up in trees. They cost around £80-100. Have a 60 foot range. Could be good for deterring vandalism etc. Meeting House  Everyone present felt this was NOT what we had asked for…..far too expensive to run, and too fancy  The house was designed and planned without ANY consultation whatsoever with tenants, who had previously expressed a wish merely for a lockable storage area and indoor toilets.  Running costs at present (£100/month) being borne by Council. This is because of cost of sewage. This should be less with a timer installed  There is no answer from anyone as to who owns the building now or in future. Jamie will find out whether we can decide later to take it on, but at present we are NOT responsible for it.  The green roof was insisted on by planning. Again, no-one told tenants about it, or that they were expected to seed it with flowers or maintain it, so we are not going to do so.
 If in future it is to be rented out, there are issues of security, as renters will get access to allotment site. The building would have to be separately fenced off.  The shutters were almost impossible to lift. Electric shutters will be installed (paid for by Metrobus  Metrobus is at present responsible for repairs/improvements  There was widespread amusement at decision to put carpets in a building used by allotment tenants with muddy boots. Who was supposed to clean it?  The building had cost £400,000, but too late now to do anything. It was meant to be a measure to address  tenants’ anger over the Metrobus scheme and the way it had been imposed. Damage and vandalism  Some heated discussion took place over various breakins recently and in the past  Some was felt to be a personal attack on individuals  No idea who was doing this . Some equipment had been stolen and some deliberate damage to polytunnels. Nature cameras could help.  Parts of the fence are not properly joined up
At this point the meeting ended.

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